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World Wide Web began life in the place where you would least expect it. It happened at CERN, the European laboratory for particle physics in Geneva, Switzerland. Physicists from all around the globe meet at CERN during different times of years.

  • This is a surprising place indeed for the beginning of technology which would, eventually, deliver everything from tourist information, online shopping, and advertisement etc.
  • Tim Berner-Lee is the inventor of Web. In 1989, Tim was working in a computing services section of CERN when he came up with the concept. At that time he had no idea that it would be implemented on such an enormous scale. His basic idea was to link text to files rather than using the concept of downloading files and then retrieving it to see in text file format.
  • The basic idea of developing text-based document Was to share research paper with the fellow University researchers and professors.
    Tim had already worked on documents production and text processing and had developed his first hypertext system, ‘Enquire’ in 1980 for his own personal use.
    Tim’s first prototype web browser came out on Next Computer in the year 1990.
    In the Late 1980s, Bill Atkinson, a programmer working for Apple Computer Inc. came up with an application called Hypercard for Macintosh.This HyperCard was basic building blocks for the further development of web pages using HTML.
    Various important curves in the path of development of HTML was as follow:-
    • In September 1991, an open discussion about HTML across the Internet Began.
    • NCSA is intrigued by the idea of Web.
    • Marc Andreessen makes a brief appearance on WW- talk
    • March 1993, Lynx browser version 2.0a was released by Lou Montulli
    • April 1993, the Mosaic browser was released.
    • May 1994, The first world wide web conference is held in Geneva, with HTML+ on the show.
    • September 1994: The Internet Engineering Taskforce sets up an HTML working group.
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