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Every blogger wants more traffic but many bloggers fail to do so. Here we are sharing common mistake done by bloggers.we know the general psychology of human beings. If you are serious about blogging you should read this complete articles you will find that this article is really beneficial for bloggers.

  1. Buying link: Many bloggers buy inbound links from many websites to get huge traffic. Many times paid links are flagged by major search engines like Google etc.basically Google PR structure is fully dependent on backlinks of website or blog. So Google can inspect all backlinks and if spider of Google finds any low-quality backlinks then Google can penalize your domain name permanently so never buy links.
  2. Duplicate Content: Never copy the content of another website. Many bloggers want to increase the number of posts by copying content from other websites. We never guide you to copy content from any other blog or any other website. Always write fresh and meaningful content to reduce bounce rate of your blog or website.
  3. Focus on ROI: Many bloggers think that good rank is an indication of huge traffic. But this is not true. You should focus on ROI or relevance factor as recommended by Google instead to focusing on Google PR Rank.
  4. Use of Appropriate and Relevant Title: Title of article should be short but meaningful and relevant. Ideal length of an article is 60 character including space you should. Use relevant keywords in the title tag. But keep in mind that never uses a short title for a particular post.
  5. Sacrificing Looks For Content: Many bloggers are unaware of this thing your blog should contain effective pictures attractive formatting to attract visitor’s website. Never use heavy graphics or flash files on your blog for a website. You have to maintain the speed of website as well as formatting and good look of the website because low speed, as well as heavy graphics, can cause heavy bounce rate of website or blog.
  6. Never Use Free Hosting: Many bloggers use free blog spot or free word press or type pad to write/publish their articles. But this free hosting never allows you to use plugging or functions/extensions for better SEO results. You can not manage title or description of your blog easily. So never goes to a free blog or hosting.
  7. Keyword Stuffing: Many bloggers make this common mistake of keyword stuffing while writing an article or any blog .many blogger thinks that it’s easy to get more traffic by keywords stuffing etc.but this is not reality. You should not use keywords stuffing technique to get huge traffic.
  8. Forgetting Alt tag: Always write Alt tag to pictures inserted by you .you can get huge traffic by entering Alt tag to all images properly. So never forget to write Alt tag to images.
  9. Small content: If you want more traffic then write articles for at least 300 words. Search engines never give more weight to those search engines which have small content per post. Ideal length of articles/post is 300 words to 500 words.
  10. Wrong SEO Technique: Do not use those SEO techniques which may affect negatively to your website. Wrong SEO practice can ban your visibility permanently on different search engines like Google etc.

Conclusion In short words we can say that buy paid hosting and post original content (300 words to 500 words).This will be helpful for you get huge traffic instead of wrong seo technique.

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