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Here we are discussing 10 elements of web designing that you can expect to see in the year 2016 as we all are aware of basic tips and technique of web designing. we all know how to increase the speed of website here we are discussing 10 advance elements that are most likely to expect in the year 2018.Every year new trends emerge within the web designs industry. A trend is any form, style or technique that becomes popular among us on the internet.

1.Background Images-Experts say that large size moving background images will make the huge impact on visitors. You will see many websites with background images in 2016
2.Responsive Designs-Responsive designs will be the choice of all web designing companies in the year 2016.because this type of website can fit on all type of screens
3.Digital First Branding- you will see ditching traditional branding agencies who treat the web with the same care as creating branding for website
4. Video on Every Page –As you know videos can increase sales more than 200%
5. Security-In 2016 main priority of website will be the security of website
6. Speed of Website– follow w3 standards of HTML will be used to increase website speed you can also follow waterfall test to increase the speed of website
7. Javascript– javascript is the single biggest point of failure in any web-based products. so use proper javascript frameworks to make sites SEO friendly
8. Interaction– the interaction of client’s engagement will be a priority in 2016.
9. Best and Attractive Designs-This will also be the main priority of all web designing companies to create attractive web designs to attract more visitors
10. CMS-content management system will be given top priority so that every company could manage picture gallery database content and pages etc

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