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These days word press is first choice of BLOGGERS prefer word press because of it is SEO friendly structure .Search engines like Google love word press website. There are many free SEO plug-in are available for word press SEO. You can install any of plug-in like YOAST or all in one SEO etc. It does not matter which plug-in you are using, but always try to concentrate on right direction

As we all know even a single wrong step can cause permanent decline of rank in major search engines like Google etc

Here we will discuss some tips and tricks which can help you increasing web traffic.

 Title: – First install any word press plug-in and then enter carefully title tag of your post. It is very important for SEO process because Google will read first title of post and then compare keyword stuffing in the post, so always place major or targeted keywords in title tag.

Description: – it is also very important parts, to write description of post with attractive tag is very helpful to increase CTR of website.

Tags: – Tags also play important role in SEO process, if you are using word press. Do not write more than 6 tags to post because otherwise it will be treated as black hat SEO technique. Suppose you have written 4 tags for a single post, Google will treat as a 4 posts. Unnecessary or wrong tags will cause increase of bounce rates so never make unnecessary tagging to any post.

Categories: – Always categories all post properly and write slug line and description of all categories. All categories should be named on your major keywords

 Optimized header and footer: – Many bogglers forget to optimize footer and header as part of website place important links at header and footer part .this will be very beneficial for increasing cross links

Site map: Create smaller site maps instead of a large site maps. Your page or post should not contain more then 100 links per page. Create both xml and html site map by using plug-in which can create small site maps instead of a big site maps.

Description of images:-write description and title tag of all images properly so that it could help you to increase visitors of website.

 Text to code ratio: – As you know that word press is CMS and contain code on each page or post. So never write too short posts which may decreases text code ratio. Normally write 300 words to 500 words articles which will be very helpful for you to increase traffic of website.

 H1,H2 tags:- As you all know that there are HTML tags like H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6 so your keywords should be present on at least 2 H tags, If you are using bold tags then it will be a plus point for you

 Speed of website: – Reduce speed of website using PINGDEM speed test etc. Speedy and mobile ready (responsive) websites are getting more visitors then heavy websites.

Conclusions: – word press is famous and first choice of BLOGGERS .So, if you are also using word press as your BLOG. After optimization you can get very good result on SEO. Even 100 optimized pages/post. So always keep in mind these steps .I hope these will be beneficial for you

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