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Many SEO experts are against article sharing.

They feel that they should write articles for their blog alone instead of sharing with different websites. We are not against articles sharing it can create more backlinks to your website.

This has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here we are sharing tips and tricks to share articles with others.

Tips for sharing articles

  1. Write in your own words.
  2. Write in simple language.
  3. never copy or spin any other published articles
  4. Write a proper title for your articles.
  5. The title of articles should contain keywords.
  6. Place links to your website in the body of your articles.
  7. Proper formatting of your articles.
  8. Do not share one article on many websites.
  9. Always write targeted keywords in articles in form of links.

There are a lot of advantages of article sharing you can get backlinks easily. That will be helpful for you to get good ranks. Always share an article on the good reputed website only. So we also recommend you to share articles on well-reputed websites. Do not forget to place your website link in articles.

There are various article sharing sites which we can use to get our articles shared such as :



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