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There are basically three techniques of SEO :-

  1. White hat
  2. Grey hat
  3. Blackhat SEO techniques.

Blackhat SEO techniques are very popular, but nobody will recommend you to use these techniques the reason is that there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of black hat SEO techniques. Few are as below:-

Advantages of black hat SEO techniques

1. Easy to use
2. Can give you huge visitors within a short span of time.
3. More effective than white hat techniques

Disadvantages of black hat SEO techniques

1. Domain Level penalty
2. Permanent lass of keyword ranking
3. Either warned or banned from search engines result in the page.

4. Permanently


There are a lot of disadvantages in black hat SEO techniques but still, black hat SEO techniques are very popular these days. But we never recommend anyone to choose these techniques, because these techniques are very risky and can ban your online existence permanently.

Unrelated keywords: – many professionals use unrelated keywords for instant promotion and a huge number of visitors. These keywords are unnecessary but help to attract a huge number of visitors.

Keywords stacking and keyword stuffing: – this is very popular black hat SEO technique in which we use keywords again and again to improve keyword density in a page. Normally perfect density is approx 2% of total content.

Tiny Text, Hidden Text, and hidden links: – this is also very popular SEO technique of SEO where SEO professionals use tiny text to promote keywords or they can choose hidden divisions or write keywords in comment form etc. Some black hat SEO professionals use hidden links to promote keywords.

Cloaking: – it means your description of the page does not match the content of the page. In simple words, we can say that you put juicy and attractive words in desc meta tag but your article or page does not match with your desc meta tag.

Mirror site or duplicate content: – many SEO professions use this black hat SEO technique by mirror sites or duplicate content on the website. Every search engine prefers original content instead of duplicate or mirror site.

Spamming, blog spamming or splogs: – This is very common black hat SEO technique where SEO professionals place keywords as comments with use of special black hat SEO software. The basic purpose of these comments is nothing else than getting more visitors through these comments.

Blog spam or comment spam:- when black hat SEO professional place comments related to post title with some hidden fly links, these are known as black hat SEO techniques. E.g. “great about us page I come to know about our page from website I k L M I J k % k n % L P

Pingback spam or spam ping or sping: – by pinging back to search engines every minute by spin articles to notify search engines that this article or comment is fresh.

Link forms: an important way of getting huge visitors by links from the low quality content or improving SERP.

Domain squatting or cybersquatting: – This is common black hat technique but not so much popular. In this black hat technique, black hat SEO professionals buy domain names similar to popular brands by prefix or suffix some words to attract more visitors.
IP Address changing: – choose different country IP Address with the same content website.

Throw away domains: – choose domains and host a simple website with similar name and content of popular sites. These techniques are helpful for a very short span of time.

Paid links: – buy paid back links from various websites to improve Google P R Rank. But Google hates paid link these days. This is very bad black hat SEO practice.

Fake news: – create fake but attractive news about famous persons, websites or blogs to attract more visitors.

Multiple subdomains: – create multiple subdomains or blogs to attract more visitors.

Doorway pages: – Effective doorway pages could also be called landing pages. The basic difference is that these pages are worthless and will redirect to another page automatically or by links there.

Google bowling: – If your site is hurt by Google then if you do the same thing for Google means Google Bowling. In simple language, you can critical off page SEO techniques for your competitors to be hurt by Google.

Conclusion: you can use this technique at your risk only because major drawback is that you may get domain level punishment by search engines like Google etc. so we never recommend the use of these techniques.

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