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Boost your web ranking with in month:-
Yes, you can Boost up your website Ranking in a different search. Here. I am sharing some secrets with you. If you follow these secrets then definitely you will be king of the market. These are very simple to follow.

  1. Change content of website regularly:
    Change content of your target pages regularly so that clients can get regular update from your website.
  2. Write unique content:-
    Always write simple and unique content that can attract customers. Search engines attract customers. Search engines always give priority to fresh and unique content pages.
  3. Create a keyword phrase:-
    The first thing is to create keyword phrase so that it can help. To improve the density of website and will help you to boost up rankings in the search engines.
  4. Always choose popular keyword phrase:-
    If you are writing a blog then always try to write on those topics. Which are currently in search. But keep in mind that your keyword phrase should not be in the list of highly popular search results.
  5. Try to control bounce rate:-
    Bounce rate means if user open your website and he does not find any relevant result on your page, he will close your page, it means this will increase your bounce rate of a website. So this is a very important part. You can find bounce rate of your web pages with help of Google analytic.
  6. Use of keywords in Title tag:-
    Always place your target keywords in your title of the page. This is most important thing always write very Impressive title according to your keywords. The idle length of the Title tag is approximately 70 characters.
  7. Use your keyword in H1, H2 Tag:
    Be sure that your target keywords are well placed in H1, H2 tag this is also a great trick to improve the ranking of a website.
  8. Use of keywords in alt tag:-
    Always put your keyword in the alt tag. This will improve your ranking in search. Results search engine gives important to alt tags on the website.
  9. Link your website to other pages:-
    Inspire or Motivate others to place your link on their site this will also help in improving your ranking. But keep in mind excessive cross-linking will be treated as spamming so always try to put your links to high PR sites only.
  10. Give priority to.Gov or.Edu sites:-
    Try to place your links to.Gov or.Edu websites because these are considered as very safe linking.
  11. 11 Create and submit sitemap:-
    Create and submit sitemap in XML and HTML form to different search engines. If you are using word press try sitemap plug-ins for your website.
  12. Remove errors from website:-
    Remove errors from your website using Google webmaster tools. You can use 301 Redirect to recover unbroken links of website

These are 12 steps that can improve your website ranking. Follow these above said points I am sure that you will get in the top you will get in top ranking within a month. Always go safely otherwise Google will black you for over SEO

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