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Commands and Actions in Windows XP


COMMAND                                                        FUNCTION

 hdwwiz.cpl Add Hardware Wizard
app wiz.cpl Add and Remove Programs
calc Calculator
compmgmt. Msc Computer Management
control Control Panel
devmgmt.msc Device Manager
cleanmgr Disk Cleanup
helpctr Help and Support
secpol.msc Local Security Settings
andvol132 Mas   Master Volume
msaccess Mic   Microsoft Access ( if Installed)
excel Microsoft Excel   ( if Installed)
frontpg Microsoft FrontPage ( if Installed)
Mmc Microsoft Management Console
Pbrush Microsoft Paint
Powerpnt Microsoft Powerpoint
winword Microsoft Word
main.cpl Mouse Properties
ncpa.cpl Network Connection
notepad Notepad
osk On Screen Keyboard
Powercfg.cpl Power configuration
Printers and Faxes Control printers
intl.cpl Regional Setting
regedit Registry Editor
msconfig System Configuration Utility
shutdown Shuts Down Windows
msinfo32 System Information
rstrui System Restore
taskmgr Task Manager
nusrmgr.cpl User Account Management
wab Window Address Book
Wmplayer Windows Media Player
msmsgs Windows Messenger
write  WordPad




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