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In today SEO process content is king.

So always make sure that your content on the website should be unique and very impressive.It should maintain bounce rate of a website. We will discuss bounce rate later. In short, I will say that always use simple and effective language in your content. As per general study shows that you have only 5-10 seconds to impress a visitor of the site because the internet is like an ocean where everyone uses his best skills for the improvement of his website or blog. So always write your message in very limited words.

Length of content:-
Content should not be less than 500 words. Because it is generally adopted by search engines Easily. You can use your articles by sharing these articles on a different website this will improve your Keywords position also. Always write your message in short words.

Choice of words:-
Words should be in very simple language so that everyone can learn easily what you want to say. Always use effective words to impress someone. In case of blogging, impressive words have their own place. So always write in common language instead of difficult stylish language.

Keyword enriched content:-
Always make sure that your content should be enriched with keywords and density of keywords should be between 2 to 4%. Keyword density will definitely improve your Google position or position in other search engines.

Write what visitor demands:-
Always search what visitor wants. Write blogs for visitors not for search engines because it will improve your bounce rate. So always write according to the needs of visitors. This will definitely improve SEO for your website.

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