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Design impact is a HUGE part of the user experience.

If your design is poor, you could do everything right in SEO and still be on the back foot! The design is an integral part of SEO at this point of the game, so when you do SEO for your site, realize it all starts from square one – what your site looks like, and how users navigate it.!

  • Website design has a lot to do with how search engines rank your website, to a point. Search engines crawl your website periodically to check and see if there are any updates to your site or structure, which can influence rank.
  • The structure of your website coding or programming has everything to do with your SEO. Search engines have certain things they look for in the HTML of websites, they want to see a well structured, up-to-date standards and techniques. You must make sure your website’s HTML is using the right title tags, alt attributes, lists, paragraphs, content, internal linking structure, etc.
  • Search engines also can’t read images so it is important not to use images as important headlines and use proper header tags in their place. Proper website structure is the main portion of onsite search engine optimization.
  • A big part of design and SEO is figuring out what you really want your customers to do when they land on your website. Once you’ve figured that out, design the entire site around that goal. Put the most important content above the fold. Make sure the navigation accommodates your top priority. Every website needs to have certain design impacts in order to achieve the full effects of an SEO campaign. Few points have to take into consideration when building or updating the website. I.e.
  • The size of a website can have a huge impact on search engine rankings. Graphics-Based Web Sites. Dynamic Web Pages. The more efficiently written websites usually achieve higher rankings. Soon there must be Proper Use of HTML. The search engines that are able to index your site through frames will most likely frown upon them. You could also be missing out on some good rankings by not having content include new trends in your field. So Update Your Information.
  • This will also make it very easy for the Google bots to know what your site is about, and get around quickly and easily.In today’s evolving internet world, the use of JavaScript, jquery CSS, and HTML5 are more acceptable by web standards and can give you almost all of the effects that flash can.
  • Many shortfalls of web sites can easily be attributed to designers who just don’t keep the user or search engines in mind. Search engine algorithms are quickly improving to try and list the most user-friendly sites higher, given that the content and link popularity are there to back it up. So first and foremost, know your target market and make your web site work for them before focusing on search engine optimization. If you build it (properly), they will come.
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