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Do you want to earn income through your BLOG or website, if yes then this page is for you? Read this article regarding “Earn income through your BLOG” we are sure that this will be very helpful for you to earn more profit through your BLOG or website.

When a person starts blogging he needs perfect guidance otherwise, you have to do more efforts earning through BLOG .It is very easy process .you can choose Google Ad sense for earning more profits.

Here we will discuss some tips to improve the rank of your website.

  1. Choose domain name– Choose the relevant domain name for your blog or website. The relevant domain name will help you to improve CTR (click through rate) of your website. Better CTR means better search results.
  2. Choose simple language – Avoid multi-language blog. if you are serious to earn more profits. Choose simple language that visitors can easily understand. Choose good font size and font so that visitors never feel stressed to read your blog or website.
  3. Less loading time- Avoid heavy themes or heavy images that take more loading time .most of visitors don’t like heavy loading website. This will have more bounce rate on your website. You can check loading time of your website by low test or ping DOM tools. Choose simple theme instead of heavy CSS themes. Your themes should be responsive (these should be mobile or tablet  compatible)
  4. Relevant posts- Always post relevant things to each other. Do not use multi-topics. For examples, if you are writing the blog on “love stories” write all posts which are on your main topic.
  5. Original text only:- Write original text only do not copy paste from other websites. Original text will help you to have a good rank on the internet.
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