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BLOGGING is very popular these days it’s the first choice for everyone to start up earning money online. If you want to earn money online then go for BLOGGING, because BLOGGING is a very simple process to earn money online. Here we are sharing a process to earn money online. In this article, you will also find the easiest way to earning online through BLOGGING.

Step One Start blogging with Google blogger or WordPress.Both these are free services. You do not need to spend any amount at startup. You can start blogging by the easy way.

Step Two- Write 30 to 40 articles and post to your blog.Write less but meaningful. These day search engines give weight age to those blogs which contain quality articles instead of quantity. By 30 to 40 quality articles, you can earn more than 300 low-quality articles .so always write meaningfully.

Step Three When you reach at least 100 daily visitors. You can apply for Google ad sense .yet there are many other ways to earn money except Google ad sense. The Same type of ad sense is provided by Microsoft and yahoo etc .but we recommended you to start up with Google because it is easy to use.

Step Four When your Google ad sense is approved, copy the code of ad sense and paste it into your blog. When someone clicks on the advertisement on your blog then you will earn the same thing this earning depends on upon advertisers and Google policy.

Step Five After reaching 10$ you have to confirm your address at Google ad sense account .after 100$ you can get your earned amount through cheque etc.

Tips to earn more through Google ad sense

  1. Always write meaning full, short and attractive title of articles.
  2. Always write relevant articles.
  3. In your ad sense account, you can block or allow sensitive advertisements.
  4. If you allow financially, insurance advertisers then you can earn more.
  5. Write less but meaning full.
  6. Idle length of any articles is 300 to 500 words
  7. Make attractive your articles by using bold, italic font or different colors.
  8. Share your articles on different social media, so that more visitors can read your articles.
  9. Request all visitors to share  your articles on their social media
  10. Never copy-paste articles from any source, always write fresh content

FAQ about blogging

  • Question- I don’t know programming or technical knowledge.
  • Answer– You do not need any programming or technical knowledge to start blogging.
  • Question- Should I learn SEO, SMO or digital marketing first?
  • Answer- Learning SEO, SMO or digital marketing is not compulsory but this will be the advantage for you.
  • Question– How much can I earn through blogging?
  • Answer- There is no limit in blogging, you can earn million dollars by blogging but this will depend on your caliber and marketing skills.
  • Question- Is there any other way by which I can earn through online except Google ad sense?
  • Answer-  There are many ways by which you can earn online like Microsoft ad sense program or through affiliate advertisement.
  • Question- I have 1000 visitors per day how much can I earn?
  • Answer – There are no fixed rules approx you can earn 3$to 4$ by 1000 unique visitors, earning with 1000 visitors may reach 20$ to 30$ but this all depends on advertisers or Google policy.
  • Question- I don’t know English what should I do for blogging?
  • Answer- Google ad sense supports other languages also such as Hindi, Japanese etc you can check the list of language from Google website and can start blogging.
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