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Website performance is base on your online success. A slow website always effects e-commerce transaction’s ranking and frustrate users there are several things you can do to increase the speed of website…

  • Remove unnecessary files:-remove unnecessary audio, video or image files from your web pages.


  • Optimize size of the image: – place the exact size of the image that can improve your site performance.


  • Lossless image compression: – optimize your image and reduce the size of images by lossless compression.


  • Image sprites: – combine your several small images into one image using CSS image sprites. This will reduce ping to the server.


  • Minimization of JS and CSS delivery: – minimize your website javascript and CSS file to reduce the size of the webpage.


  • Cache header centered:– Cashing is the process in which static files are stored on your computing storage in the browser’s cache.


  •  Deferred passing of javascript: – The defer attribute is a Boolean attribute. it is specified that the script is executed when the page has finished parsing.


  • Minimize HTTP requests: – Remove or Join several CSS scripts into a single file to minimize HTTP requests.


  • Enable GZIP compression: – If your hosting provider has mod-GZIP module enabled. the best way to compress your content is to enable GZIP compression.


  • Cloud server: – If you have a huge number of visitors than you can choose cloud server for this purpose.


Conclusion:- Hope by using this technique you can improve the speed of the website. We also provide professional services to improve the speed of the website.


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