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If your blog or website is affected by Google panda then this post is for you.

What is Google panda updates?

Google panda is mainly concerned with low-quality content. Google want to serve quality content to visitors for the betterment of search result. Google penalizes website by domain name if its content is poor. Now a question arises which content is good or poor. Good content is that in which there is not any grammatical mistake or website has low bounce rate. High bounce rate means you need to change the content of the website. There are some other reasons that affect bounce rate.

E.g. speed of server, illegal content, slow speed etc

Myths and FAQ about Google

IS Google panda penalty single page or website?

Ans: Domain level penalty.

How can I recover from Google penalty?

Ans: You have to write quality (positive) content to remove the low quality (negative) content of the website.

Is the penalty permanent?

Ans: No, it can be recovered after some time with quality content of the website.

How frequently is Google updating the panda updates?

Ans: There is no fixed time for updates by Google. Google can update anytime.

 Can I use similar content on other domain to recover effects?

Ans: No there will no benefit to change the domain name of a website.


Conclusion:- Keyword stuffing is not a good process to rank so, every blogger or website owner should avoid this to get a good reputation and good results from google.

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