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Google penalty recovery:

If you have lost huge traffic due to any penalty by Google, This article can help you to recover Google penalty. First of all, we will discuss here what is Google penalty. Google penalty means over optimization of the website by SEO expert, There are basically two types of Google penalties like Google Panda and Google Penguin, which are treated as same but these are completely different from each other.The first step to resolve this problem is to identify the penalty.

 Google panda penalty:

Basically, this is not penalty Google says that it is a quality algorithm which evaluates the quantity (in all aspect) of the website. But generally, it is treated as panda penalty by SEO experts.

This penalty affects the overall ranking (in terms of keywords) of an entire website due to a low quality content of a website.

Normally it is difficult to recover this Google penalty. This Google panda penalty will affect the organic traffic of the website.

 How to identify Google panda penalty:

This is basically at domain level which causes penalty by Google the continuous decline of site traffic.

  •  There is no any message to the webmaster. So, it is difficult to identify Google panda penalty but if you face decline of traffic continuously and you have no any warning that it may be Google panda penalty
  •  There is no improvement of website after creating quality links; it is also an indication of Google panda penalty
  • The latest action by Google panda 4.1 dated September 2014 may affect many major websites.

 How to recover from Google panda penalty

As we have already mentioned that Google panda penalty is basically to improve your quality of content instead of wasting time on black hat SEO technique such as by increasing low-quality bank links etc

 Google penguin penalty

On April 2012, Google introduced Google penguin penalty. If your website is engaged in aggressive links building campaign, your website has more chance to be affected by Google penguin penalty. Your external links should be natural and satisfy quality terms by Google. Google penguin hate links building technique used by SEO experts for increasing rank

-Google Penguin algorithm detects unnatural links created by you

 How to identify Google penguin penalty

If you have the top rank of particular keywords and you find the rank goes from 1st position to 10th or any other position. This means your website is targeted by Google penguin penalty

-Google may or may not send any message for unnatural links

-Google may de-index page or website


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