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In this article, we will learn about “how a search engine works”


I will explain here what is a search engine?

The search engine is a special program on the internet that helps users to search things on the computer.

For example- Google, Bing, ask etc are most popular search engines in the world.

There are billion of pages/data present on internet and when we want to search some things we visit search engine sites and then we put a search text in bar, On clicking search button search engines display a lot of things which are present on internet

Now a question arises in our mind. How these searches from the internet start with an example.

E.g-  Open bing come and enter a search “SEO services in Jalandhar” then you will find “ in Top results. How this possible how search engine helps you to find the results. The simple answer is that search engine had already indexed our web site before. Your search and it show the results from the pages it has already indexed.

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