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It is very important to check the volume of a keyword before starting work on that keyword. By estimating traffic on the particular keyword you can easily estimate that how much you have to work on that keywords. So always check traffic of keywords before starting up SEO work. When you sense the potential volume of keywords it will be easy for you to get good results for those keywords.

Here we are discussing the easy way to check the volume of keywords.

This is common practice done by all experts but this way is not good to estimate traffic of the data for example if you are searching keywords “SEO services Punjab” you will get huge different in estimation through ad words data So we never recommend you use this technique:-

Here we are sharing common and simple tricks to estimate difficulty level and volume of keywords:-

  1. SERP: SERP means search engine result page. It means when you will find SERP number below the search bar in Google search results. Let us suppose you are searching “SEO services Punjab” then Google will display this “17777500 results found in 0.08 seconds” this amount is SERP. Higher SERP means difficulty level of keywords is high.
  2. Online tools: There are many online tools present on the internet like “”  by or you can easily estimate the total volume of search results for particular keywords.SEMrush is very popular to get estimated traffic for particular keywords. Here you can also get your competitors list for particular keywords. so we recommend this technique to find the total estimation of traffic on particular keywords.
  3. Based on Relevant Factors: You can also estimate total traffic on based on group of few things like
  • Difficulty level
  • Relevancy
  • Trend analysis (Google trend analysis)
  • Estimation of sensitive words.

By this method, you can also find easily level and estimate traffic for particular keywords.


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