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How to earn $100 Per day with Google Adsense

It’s not difficult to earn $100 per day or more than 100$ per day with Google Adsense. Its desire of every blogger to increase his AdSense income. Many bloggers/website owners are earning more than $100 per day. You can also earn similar income. Let’s learn about Term definitions to improve Google Adsense income.

  1. Adsense: Google Adsense is 100% free. You just need to sign up to start an AdSense program. Google place advertisement on your blog or website and when a visitor from your website click on the advertisement placed by Google on your website you will get approx 68% of what the advertiser pays them. Google Adsense is most trusted and most popular AdSense program.
  1. CTR: CTR stands for click-through rate. It may be defined as Ratio between the number of advertisement clicks and the number of individual advertisement impressions. For example, you are showing Two Adsense Advertisement on a particular page of your blog or website, That page view is equal to 2 Advertisement impressions. You can calculate CTR by the following term.

CTR= Total Number of clicks/ Advertisement impressions x 100

For example, you get 2 clicks out of 200 ads. Impressions your CTR would be 1% (2/200x 100).

  1. CPC: CPC stands for Cost per click. CPC is that amount which is paid by advertisers for per click. Fields like Insurance, Finance, mobile or online products have more CPC than other advertisements.
  1. CPM: CPM means Cost per impression. It’s similar to CPC, sometimes advertisers choose CPM instead of CPC. In this, they pay their ads to appear or any blog or website.

The basic difference between CPC and CPM is that In CPC you will earn on clicks and in CPM you will get on the display of advertisements.

Its simple concept to earn $100 per day. For example, if CTR is 1% and average CPC is 0.25. You can earn $100 per day. Here we are assuming that page view= An ad impression.

  • To earn $100 per day you need approximately 40,000-page view per day or 400 clicks per day (Here CTR is 1% and CPC is $0.25 assumed). You can easily get 40,000 page views by approx 500 perfect articles.
  • You can also earn without clicks by CPM ad impressions. For example, if average CPM earning is $1 per 1000 impressions. You can earn approx $50 per day from 40,000 page views.

Conclusion: Earning $dollars per day is possible with only 500 awesome article (300 words or more).

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