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Here we will discuss CTR and how we can improve CTR easily, these days CTR is the backbone of all search engines algorithms.

What are CTR– CTR means click-through rate?

 CTR means if someone is searching anything E.g. “SEO Services” and if search engine shows your rank at the third position and you get more clicks than the second position. It means CTR of your website is higher than any other to try to improve your CTR. Only CTR can give you more traffic than any other activity.


 How to improve CTR:- CTR is dependent on basically three things

  • Domain name(brand name or URL)
  • Meta title
  • Meta description


Domain name or URL– If your domain name contains keywords or domain name is more relevant to keywords then probably you will get more traffic because of higher CTR. If your domain name is your Regd. trademark or very common to others then also you can get more CTR than others. If your domain name is not common/famous or relevant with keywords you can also improve CTR by improving CTR structure E.g. if you are working on “SEO SERVICES INDIA” then you have to change URL structure of your links and pages

E.g. Seo-Services-India seo-services India.html
By these ways, you can easily improve CTR of your website by this way

 Meta title– Meta title is very important in point of view of search results.Meta title can give you more CTR and it is also indexed by all major search engines. So if you have placed major keywords in Meta title then you can easily improve CTR of a website.

Meta description: – Meta description is also very important to beat SEO results. You can use stylish language to improve CTR of any website or blog

Conclusion– If you improve CTR of website, we are sure that you will be able to get good traffic on any website or blog

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