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The title tag has a very vital role in SEO.


A good title can prove very helpful to place your website in top results. Always place your keywords in title tag. It will help you to improve your visibility on the internet.

Special note:-

Your title tag should we very impressive. So that it could help you to improve your CTR ( click through Rate). In further lessons, we will discuss CTR.

Length of title tag:-

Length of the title is very important, it should not be more than 60 characters ( including space) and it should not be less than 40 words. The ideal length is about 60 words.

What to write in title:-

Always place your desired keywords in title tag. It will improve your visibility because it will help search engine to search something in your website.

How to write?

The title tag is an art. Never place your keywords directly in the title of the website.

For example:-
 Your keywords are “SEO services in Jalandhar” then place these keywords in the Title bar as below.


Never place direct keywords in title tag like this on


This may cause over SEO penalty by search engines.

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