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In this era of internet, world becomes a global family. As internet connects every city, state and country. It is a network which reduces the borders between different regions and make world a global market. Market is not limited to a geographical place. Market is a place where buyers and sellers came and exchange goods and services. If market become online then…why not marketing!
Marketing is communicating the value of product and services through positioning to customer. Marketing create, communicate, and deliver the needs of customer. Marketer properly analyzes the need of product then sold the product to customer.
Digit marketing, web marketing, online marketing, search engine marketing, e-marketing etc all internet market strategy is necessary to effectively compete in today’s business environment.
There is direct communication between customer and company. No intermediate is required. Customer should analyse their own needs as per the product description in website. Person can compare all the product of different company and their rates also.
With the use of internet marketing customer can easily analyze the product description at home, at workplace i.e. this service is available 24*7 and anywhere at any time. Customer can get good knowledge and description about the product. Customer can directly order the product of his choice without paying any delivery charges.
EMI is also available in internet marketing.
Internet marketing provides all qualities of a product, suitable according to the needs of customer. Customer can provide query and feedback. Customer can easily save their hidden charges.
Internet marketing lessens barriers between regions and countries. As data can be mined from various sources, such as online forums, social media, mobile phones etc., online payment can be made. There is also an opportunity to change product in limited period. Huge varieties of products are there on internet. Surety of quality, availability and durability is also provided. Internet marketing is able to meet the demand of every segment of customer like children, student, housewives, employees, organizations etc.
Internet marketing covers our social as well as commercial need. It includes both organic marketing (without making payment) and inorganic marketing (with making payment). Such as social media marketing, pay per click.
Internet brought media to a global audience. Internet marketing is now a critical piece of any company’s marketing mix. It provides marketing with speed and efficiency. Internet marketing enables you to be open for business around the clock without worrying about store opening hours or overtime payment for staff. Offering your product on internet is also convenient for different-different customers. It ensures maximization of revenues and growth of any company. It provides opportunity to small business to capture customer from whole world. It enables communication through visual means i.e. visual marketing.
More traffic + Optimized website = More sales & leads
Internet marketing provides an important platform for building relation with customer and increases customer retention level. You can take advantage of growing importance of social media with the use of internet marketing.

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