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Is Back linking still important.

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This is a very common question if back linking is important or not. In short yes back linking is still important. But if you will create back links by placing back links to blacklisted website, then this will be very harmful to your BLOG or website. Always choose well reputed website to create back links.


What are backlinks:- Backlinks are links that directed towards your website or others website. Backlinks are also known as inbound links (IBL’s). More back links mean site/ BLOG is more popular still backlinks are more important because you can get more traffic by these back links.

Relevant quality back links can also help you to get more organic traffic. When inbound links when to send links traffic it contains a word which is treated as keywords for search engines. Quality inbound links help to improve the presence of keywords in the search result.

For Example – If you place “SEO services” as links on other domain. It will improve the rank of “SEO services” in the search engines like Google. Yahoo etc.

Conclusion– Still back links are important .But poor quality back links can damage ranking result permanently. Make sure that website you have chosen is best place for your web links.

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