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Basis of Search Engine

This is the first lesson of online SEO training program, our SEO training program is very simple where everyone can learn using series of our 12 lessons.

This lesson contains:-

  • Structure of Web Page
  • Overview of search engines
  • How search engine works
  • Understanding SERP, CTR, Bounce Rate

Structure of Web Page

HTML pages are divided into two parts First part is head & second part is body part.

<title>SEO Services</title>


How to create first HTML Page


Head part contains important information related to a webpage like a title, description, author, location, webpage language keywords etc. this part is very important in SEO. Because search engine reads important information about the website from this part we will discuss that all in next lesson.

Second part is body part, which contains Important Text and images or other important information on the website

Example of simple webpage

<title>SEO Services</title>
<h1>My First Website</h1>
Hello this is my first website
<b>This</b> is <u>new</u> <i>line</i>
<font color=”Red”>This is second line </font>
<a href=””> SEO online Training</a>

You can copy paste above code in your HTML browser to test a simple webpage.

How search engine works:-

There are a lot of search engines on the internet, Yahoo, Google, Bing, AOL etc are major search engines. Every search engine is based on two function crawling & indexing web pages. Search engine index your site on the bases of title, description tags, the content of the site ( unique), keyword combinations, URL structure, Domain age.

Factors affecting Search Engine Results

What search engines cannot index:-

Search engines cannot index text present on images or flash based website or application

What SERP:-

SERP means search engine result page SERP is useful analysis tool to help to select keywords & traffic estimation on a website.

SERP Tutorials

CTR:- CTR means click through Rate. CTR helps search engines to index your website on good rank. There are a lot of things that effect CTR of Website like a description. Meta tag, domain name, brand name etc. CTR is the number of clicks on a result, a page of search engine divided by a number of times your keyword visible on the page.

CTR Tutorials

Bounce rate:– Bounce rate is sessions in which the person left your website after the visit.

Bounce Rate Tutorials

There are various factor that effect bounce rate of website.

  1. Single page site
  2. Insufficient information
  3. Incorrect information
  4. Site design
  5. User behaviour
  6. Server speed
  7. Heavy WebPages
  8. Page contain adult advertisement or pictures.

Speed Test

This is also important factor of SEO Process . Nobody like slow website , so it is also recommended to you to increase speed of website

how to check speed of website


Black Hat / White Hat / Gray Hat SEO Techniques

There are basically three techniques of SEO

  1. White hat
  2. Grey hat
  3. Black hat SEO techniques.

Black hat SEO techniques are very popular, but no body will recommend you to use these techniques. because there are lot of advantages and disadvantages of black hat SEO techniques. Few are as below:-

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