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Alexa and Google PR Rank

What is Alexa Rank: – Alexa ranking system is set by Basically Alexa rank is a combination of various factors likes a number of clicks, the average stay of the visitor, CTR of website, bounce rate of a website. Alexa traffic can be used as the competitive tool which can help you to improve the performance of the website. As you know it is opposite to Google pr rank, lower rank means the better website.

How to Improve Alexa Rank: – Now these days as we all know good content is king. So try to improve quality of content. You can also use basic Tips to improve Alexa rank.

  1. Download and install the Alexa Toolbar and then surf your own site daily. Surf more means improvement in Rank.
  2. Place Alexa Code or Alexa widget on your website.
  3. Optimize your website with suitable title tags
  4. Use of eye-catching images and meaningful video’s on your website
How to check Alexa Rank:-
  1. Go to
  2. Type URL of website
  3. Click go to check website rank

What is Google P R Rank:- Google P R rank is Google Page Rank given by Google. Minimum scale is 0 and Maximum scale is 0 and maximum scale is 10. Google 10 P R means the website is good. Higher P R does not affect the directly Searching process. A website with lower P R (PR1) could be found on higher rank (first page of results) while higher P R website (PR5) for the same keyword may appear on the second or third page.

Factor affecting Google PR Rank: – there are a number of factors that affect Google PR system like SERP, CTR, Bounce rate, direct visitors, and stay with the visitor. Clicks by unique visitors etc.

Robots Meta tags: – you can use Robots Meta tags to improve website results or you can stop search engine for indexing website. You can specify HTML <META> tag to tell robots not to index the content of the webpage or entire website.





Place above Meta Tag in the HEAD section of webpage or you can also place robots. Txt file in your root Directory example of robots. TXT file is as follows

User – Agent: *
Disallow:- /

User-agent: * mean this section applies to all robots. The disallow means, the search engine will not visit, or index that page or site.
You can also exclude robots from part of server like.

User – agent: *
Disallow: / images
Disallow: / admin
Disallow: / Temporary - files

Or if you want to disallow particular bot then you can use

User – agent: Google
Disallow: /

Adding Sitemap in robots.txt

User-agent: *
Allow: //

Go to Index

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