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Site Map Creation and submission

What is Site Map:- site map is a webpage/ file that contains list of WebPages of entire site. Crewless like bing bot or google bot can read list of files easily. So this can improve your ranking as well as keyword position in results. Site map is very helpful tool. That can improve the crawling of your site, particularly if

  1. Site is updating daily
  2. New content or now webpage added
  3. Content of website is large
  4. Now internal or external links

Types of site map:-  there are basically 5 of site Map

  1. HTML Sitemap
  2. XML Sitemap
  3. Text Sitemap
  4. ROR Sitemap
  5. RSS feed as Sitemap

1. HTML Sitemap: – HTML site map is useful for both end user as well as search engines because site map contains important path of all site. So every one can find particular link of website.

2. XML Site map: – in your 2005 Google started its own XML based results. It was called Google Sitemaps later other search engine follows this technique. In these days all major search engines like Google, yahoo, Microsoft, MSM, ask IBM support XML site maps.

So XML Site map is very important part of SEO Techniques.

There are many online websites that can help you to create XML site map with out any cost, you just have to enter URL of website then you can easily download XML site map as well as other site maps without any cost.

3. Text site map: – text site map contains links of every page in new line. e.g

Example of Text Site map

4. ROR Sitemaps: – (Resources of a resource). The extension of ROR site map is .ROR. all search engines that understand RSS feed can read ROR file Extension.

5. RSS feed: – RSS stands on really simple syndication) is often used in feed files for blog, forums etc. RSS file format is in XML language. Now these days all major search engines can Read RSS feed of website.


How to create site map: – there are number of websites that offer free services to create site maps in major forms like. XML, .TXT, .html, .ROR etc.

How to submit site map: – first of all you need to create site map and then need to place site map in root folder.


After placing site map in Root directory you need to upload it Google/Bing using Google webmaster tools or Bing webmaster tools.

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Google webmaster tools: – A Google webmaster tool helps you to identify issues with your site and can help to sort out all major and minor problems of websites.

How to use GWT:-

  1. Create account in google.
  2. Add website to your account
  3. Verify website by downloading google file and upload to root directory of your website.

After verification you will see dashboard with number of options. Then. There are many sections in GWT like

  1. Site messages
  2. Site settings
  3. Google Tools Preference
  4. Setting
  5. User accounts
  6. Structured data
  7. Data highlighter
  8. HTML improvement
  9. Site links
  10. Search queries
  11. Google index
  12. Fetch as Google
  13. Submission of site map

Bing webmaster tools: – Bing is powered by Microsoft. Almost procedure of creating and submitting sites is similar to Google webmaster tools

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