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Keyword Density

Today we will learn about keywords density and some other SEO Topics which are

  • Keyword Rich Text Body
  • How to check density of keywords
  • Hidden Tags, Bold, Italic
  • Cross-Linking
  • Image Optimization

1. Keyword Rich Text Body: – Keyword enrichment text plays important role in SEO process. Keywords are the cornerstone of any website. If the content has enough keyword density. Without right keywords, SEO structure has no foundation in SEO

What is keyword density: – keyword density means ratio of desired keywords as compared to total words present in body

E.g. “SEO is best technique increase profits.”

In above text word ratio of word “SEO” is 1/0 and ratio is 1/6*100= 16.67% the recommended density of keyword by all search engines is appox. 3% to 4%. This means good content should not contain more than 4% of keywords and it should not be less then 3% of total words present in total text.

Is keyword density is still useful:- yes, I think it works.

how to check keyword density online

How to improve keyword density:-

  •  There are many techniques which can help you to improve keyword density by Topic.
  •  Insert keywords into page titles
  • Insert keywords into headings
  • Place keywords in ALT Tag
  • Add keyword Rich Text throughout page
  • Incorporate keywords into page U R L
  • Incorporate the use of keyword rich footer


Short Cut Technique to increase keyword density:-  you also can use hidden text division or by commenting to improve keyword density.

E.G. <!—SEO online Course -->


<font color="white">SEO Online color</font>
Note: font color should be same as background color
<div id="hidden-seo" style="visibility:hidden"> 

SEO online Course


Both are common techniques used by SEO Professionals


Cross-Linking:-  Cross-Linking is common SEO technique and treated as safest SEO Technique. If you are on the website then you can place important keywords with <A Href = ““> tag. But keep in mind that do not use cross-linking on every page.

<A Href = “SEO- services.aspx”> SEO services <\a>

Note: – do not create link ring, means do not link several websites with each other. Otherwise, search engines will penalize for this type of SEO Techniques.

Image optimization: – image optimization can also increase traffic to your website. Always use some following tips in mind when you want to optimize images of your website or blog.

  •  Always save images with keywords like SEO- services. Jpeg
  • Always use ALT tag in images
  • Always use title tag in images.

 <img src = “SEO-services-punjab-punjab.jpg” Alt =”BEST SEO SERVICES” Title = "SEO SERVICES”>

 Note: - do not use exact keyword in alt tag. Write name of image in simple English. Do not keyword stuff your all alt tags. Do not repeat alt tags.

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