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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: – Now these days social media is buzz word every business professional should have active social media accounts. In this lesson, you will learn about proper use and importance of Social Media marketing.

My space: – my space is important social media. It is very similar to Facebook where users create profiles and comments on photos by another person.

Digg:- it worlds famous social news channel or you can say that it is social news website where users submit links and stories and other users can then vote on that story.

Squidoo: – it, is generated a content website. It works same differently with other social media provider. Squidoo allows you to create pages which called lenses.


These days facebook ranks first in all social media Concepts. Now, these days Facebook is major social media with a high range of active users at a time. you can get the benefit of these users in your business easily. Built a Facebook page, invite people to attach to your page and share on the page you can easily boost traffic to the website. This is a very easy step to promote your website. This can bring a huge number of visitors to your website always share interesting stories or pictures on the facebook page. so that you can maintain the interest of your followers on the facebook page.

In short, post daily interesting things on the page to attract your Facebook fans.

Twitter is another platform for facebook which is commonly used these days. This also can help you to improve a number of visitors to your website. Post daily on your twitter page, follow others and others will automatically follow you through twitter. The key point for twitter marketing is to post quality content with quality pictures, articles, video’s and images to the internet through twitter etc.

Linked In:-
You can distribute your content/ message via linked in profile. This may be great step in your internet marketing program

In these days Google gives more importance to Google+ account. It is also very helpful for internet marketing. Post daily on your Google plus page. This is very similar to facebook. You can post your video’s, images, content on your Google+ account. This may be a great deal in SEO process. Google+ also has new features like Google authorship. Where you can show image and name of the author of articles. It shows the picture and name of an author with his articles in Google Search Results. This has come across as a major factor to improve your hit ratio. Popular articles from popular authors will be helpful in internet marketing and improve search results.

It is latest and new in social media concepts It is very much similar to other media marketing concepts here you can share pictures of your website with others. This media is very helpful for sharing images on the internet. Your pictures will appeal visitors to attach to you

This is a Question/ Answer media platform. Here peoples/ users come from different countries all are in search of the answer to their problems and questions here you can post your content or opinion to promote your business online. This is, in fact, the future of commenting. The platform or this media is very helpful to all of us to be master of internet marketing.

Youtube/ motion video:-
There are many video channels. That can help you to promote your business where you can establish your identity on the internet. Youtube is one of the famous platforms of Google where you can improve your visibility on the internet with help of youtube or other video sharing platforms.


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