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Article and word files sharing

We have learned before SEO on page and SMM in this lesson. We will discuss the use of SEO off Page. SEO off page means we will not make any change on the website, but we can promote the website through other modes which we will discuss in this lesson.

  • Article writing and sharing
  • Picture sharing
  • Word files sharing
  • PPT sharing
  • Video Sharing


Article Writing: – Article writing is the art of boosting website real visitors. Always Write Articles in simple language that everyone can understand easily. Place important links in text that can redirect to your website. Always write an article that fulfills needs of the visitor. Following are some tips about article writing.

  • A good article should have the relevant and attractive title.
  • Borrow idea of Article writing by reading similar Articles.
  • Never copy/paste articles from others.
  • Use proper bullets or lists where it needs
  • Underline and bold your desired keywords in article
  • Use editor like Google Docs to edit and write an article
  • Use images in every article because picture speaks 1000 words
  • Write the article with approx 3-4% keyword density as discussed in previous lessons.
  • Write an article with at least 500 words. Never use improper or unnecessary information in the article.

List of Article sharing websites 

Picture sharing:- one major area in SEO process is picture sharing. While you may not care about whether your site ranks well under image search. But keep in mind that picture sharing also works. Here are some tips for picture sharing.

  • Use best pictures that can represent your business
  • Write proper image name related to keywords.
  • Picture size is 70 KB.
  • Tag your images properly
  • Donate image to Wikipedia

Word file sharing SEO tips: – There is common confusion about how crawler can search PDF or word files. Some SEO professionals believe that SEO and PDF are incompatible or website cannot be ranked highly with PDF pages on competitive demands. Here are some tips while you are sharing PDF files.

  • Write the name of PDF as per your keywords.
  • Reduce size of file
  • Use TXT files instead of PDF or MS word documents
  • Avoid duplicate content
  • Use write protection method
  • Document sharing websites are doc-stock, scribed, Ziddu Google drives etc.

PPT sharing: – PPT sharing is also good practice for branding and advertising business PPT sharing is more than just word document because in this we can serve a combination of images. To optimize your PPT sharing always.

  •  Use proper short and appropriate title.
  • Always use relevant title to PPT
  • Use proper tags in PPT
  • Use the best Description.
  • You can use Hyperlinks in your content
  • The first slide should be very attractive because it can be used as the thumbnail by search engines.


Video sharing tips: – video sharing is essential part of SMM. These days search engines like promote is the video without more efforts, so video sharing is best and easy part by which we can promote our business online if your video is not optimized. Then it means you are losing same thing. I am sharing here some tips before uploading

  1. Make sure that your content is identical and will not waste the time of visit.
  2. Your title should contain keywords which should be eye catchy and identical
  3. You can use Tags to optimize video’s
  4. Always write the best description as per your knowledge. Use proper grammar and words in the description.
  5. Always links back to website
  6. Provide the transcript of your video’s good old HTML content is still a favorite with search engines.
  7. Ideal length of video is 3 to 5 minutes
  8. As video is way to increase branding, so take advantage of branding by uploading more video’s
  9. Always embedding videos on your website.
  10. Submit RSS feeds to Google and other search engines
  11. Share your video’s on all social websites for more engagement of people.

List of video sharing websites

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