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MOBILEGEDDON-Google algorithm updates

Before MOBILEGEDDON Google never warned webmasters for Google updates like humming birds, pandas and penguins. GOOGLEBOT must be allowed to crawl Js and CSS files to check mobile ready and mobile fitness test .Google has released recently MOBILEGEDDEN update on 21st April 2015. If your website is not mobile ready it means you may lose your ranking on Google.

Here I am sharing few SEO questions and answer about MOBILEGEDDON.

Question: – When did Google release MOBILEGEDDON algorithm?

Answer:-On 21 April Google released MOBILEGEDDEN algorithm.


Question: – Will this update affect my website?

Answer: – This update will not affect your desktop results but this will affect mobile search results.


Question: – Will it impact on search result of other mobile devices such as tablet etc..?

Answer: – No, this MOBILEGEDDON will affect only mobile searches.


Questions: – How can I know that check my website is mobile friendly?

Answer: – You can use Google mobile test to check your site and know if it is mobile ready or not..


Question: – Did Google release a mobile ranking algorithm before MOBILEGEDDON.

Answer: – Yes Google has already released a mobile update on 2013, but that algorithm was same MOBILEGEDDON algorithm that updated (in 2013) was only just indication of new mobile ready algorithm…


Question: – What should I do to make mobile new algorithm (MOBILEGEDDON ready).

Answer: – You can follow Google recommendations using Google mobile test.

If you are strong in designing and development.


You can follow 2 basic things to make your site mobile ready.

  1. Define view port.
  2. Space (distance) between links.


Question: – Is this MOBILEGEDDON is real time algorithm like panda and penguin?

Answer: – Panda and penguin are real time algorithms but MOBILEGEDDON is slightly different algorithm. It picks result which is mobile compatible.


Question: – If I make my site update now and fetch through Google webmaster tools, how time is need to check new results?

Answer: – when Google determine that your website is compatible with mobile devices and your website can pass different mobile ready tests then expected time is 72 hours.


Question: – Is it sure that non mobile ready website this dropped in ranking after April 21, 2015

Answer: – Not necessarily but Google can drop your all results if your website is not compatible with new Google updates,


Question:- Will speed effects ranking?

Answer: – Speed does not affect search results directly. As you know low speed website cause bounce rate. High bounce rate will affect your search results.


Question: – I am also running ad words. Will this give advantage to Me.?

Answer: – No Ad words program is PPC. Hence it will not affect search results.


Checklist to check whether your website is mobile ready or not


  1. View port(define view port)
  2. Size of font in mobile (makes text readable)
  3. Distance of links(touch efficiency)
  4. Heavy or large images(reduce size)
  5. CSS and Js (Minify CSS and JSS)


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