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Trends in SEO

As the time passes the new trends and technology are on full force to change this world. When a technology emerges the latest trends and traditions are here to empower that technology with the super natural powers. SEO, the most powerful tool of the time, is also flooded the new trends. To be in the top search results the one has to be aware and has to follow all these trends. Otherwise, you will lag behind and will lose your position. Let us discuss one by one the latest trends in the field of SEO.

Depth of an Article- Depth of an article has a deep relation with the content and length of an article .Although both are traditional measurements of measuring the originality and deep thoughtful ideas of the writer. But, still there was lot more to add ,so now in spite of short writing one has to put long and deep content in one’s website i.e. 2000-5000 words in a webpage or article.

Distributed Search- As the use of social media is becoming prominent in a user’s life so it will be best for you to let people find you through different links. This has given birth to the distributed search.
Mobile Compatibility – the smart device in every hand-At any cost we cannot ignore this fact that the site and content should be compatible to our mobile phones, tablets and smart phones. Only in USA the 61% of the population is accessing the mobile phones and out of which 56% is having smart phones

Social Recognition- One has to make his social recognition through various social recognition tools like maps, geography, friends and influence which will mark your visibility to the world and which will result to your search availability in the internet world.

HTML 5 compatibility of your website is the most powerful tool available in the market to run your website on every device and with every browser.

These are a few discussed latest trends in SEO in this article which will definitely help you understand why your website’s rank is daily fluctuating and why these are the necessity of time.

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