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Many bloggers are scared with over optimization or normal optimization. As you know normal website gets 70% to 80% of visitors through Google. So we can say that there is the monopoly of Google is serving search results. So it’s part of the discussion that should we optimize our blog or not.

Some SEO experts think that we should continue optimization by keywords stuffing or link building etc. Some SEO experts think that there is no fun of SEO, let’s see what Google will do for our website. A good Seo should be done on your website so that your blog or website get a good reputation from Googlebot.

We can continue SEO process, it is not risky but there are some techniques which can give you huge visitors, but these are very risky.

Here we are discussing some activities which can cause over optimization penalty.

  1. Link building: No doubt that link building is the base of SEO process. But link building is very risky process Once you get over optimization penalty due to link exchange or link building, it is not easy to recover from this penalty
  2. Keyword stuffing: Many bloggers uses this technique to get better results within days. You can get very good results by keyword stuffing within a very short period of time .but keyword stuffing is also that very technique which can cause permanent penalty.

Conclusion:- If you have not sufficient knowledge about keyword stuffing or link building or link exchange avoid this technique to prevent yourself from domain level penalty.

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