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Search engine optimization is a technique used to increase the visibility of your website. SEO is to increase the ranking of your website. Epsinfotech provides best SEO services for you. On the other hand, if we discuss pay per click.
Pay per click also used to advertise your website. Both SEO and pay per click are basically used by the many businessmen in order to increase traffic to their website. With the help of which they can promote their business and can increase their customers. Both PPC and SEO are the parts of SEM i.e.

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Search engine marketing. As PPC and SEO are used by users for a similar purpose. But both have some differences. In SEO users have to pay a certain amount in advance after that there is no need to pay any amount for every click. But in Pay per click as it is clear from its name i.e. users have to pay for every click that he got on his website’s link so he has to pay a cost per click. The traffic produced by the SEO is free because users have to pay a fixed amount in advance whereas the traffic generated by the pay per click is not free because you have to pay for every visitor. As you have to pay for every click, therefore, PPC is more expensive than SEO. And you have to choose PPC if you do not have any budget problem. But which is a better option from both is depends on your needs. Other difference between PPC and SEO is that Pay per click is displayed on Google result page on first two-three listings in a light blue background and on the right side columns on the other side SEO organic listings are next to the PPC displayed in the pinkish background. SEO tends to produce more traffic than PPC. SEO provides long-term – return on investment whereas PPC provides the quick setup.SEO provides more exposure and awareness to your website than PPC. SEO has high ceiling and volume potential as PPC has low ceiling and volume potential. For PPC less development resource needed whereas lots of work is needed to do for SEO. SEO takes time for results to take effects but in PPC after setup results are immediate. If you can’t pay further for PPC then results will be stopped which is a disadvantage of PPC. But in SEO user should pay in advance then he does not need to take the headache of payment again and again so with this results cannot be stopped while you can’t pay an amount again.

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