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SEO – 3.0

SEO 3.0 the latest version of Internet Marketing.

In 1995 when the SEO got started – in other words, SEO 1.0 has launched with no such fast and stick rules to be followed. But as the Internet has become the one place for all users to get interact and to sell their products the organic search becomes more popular as it brings permanent results. It is basically used to optimize one’s presence over the web.

SEO 3.0 has added the feature to optimize the presence of user through all ways through which he can show his presence. It does not bound to only one method. It opens myriads ways to optimize one’s presence through Website, Social Media, Blogs, and Press Releases.

SEO 3.0 has eye-catching feature of optimizing digital assets. We provide information to all users through multimedia like images, videos, audios, interacting designs through flash and AJAX.
Optimizing these all digital assets are one of the major features included in this updated version.
We can optimize our video by wrapping in the content that describes about the video and by getting positive reviews on the video.
In the same manner we can optimize the audios on our websites and blogs.

Images the most important and expressive content on your web page must also be described with an alt tag.

Flash and AJAX are mostly considered unfriendly for the SEO of your website. Try to present all the flash videos using the HTML tags.
These new points are must to be considered and coined a new version of SEO i.e. SEO 3.0.and at last but the very important point of the time don’t optimize your content for just Google as Bing is also capturing the marketing. SEO 3.0 also means optimizing your presence in Bing also.

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