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First of all, we will discuss what SEO is?

  1. SEO is a process of getting organic traffic from a website. These days SEO has become the first choice of students instead of hard programming languages like JAVA, PHP or ASP.NET. Here we will discuss some factors which would tell why should we choose SEO as a career.
  2. SEO is very popular these days. Every website owner wants to boost his website at any cost because everyone is aware of internet marketing. Everyone knows that internet marketing is easiest and cheapest way of promoting business. Even SEO marketing process is cheaper than another mode of advertising like newspaper advertisement, Radio advertisement or any other mode of advertisement.
  3. SEO process is growing day by day. According to our research, digital marking is increased by approx 6 times in last 6 years. So we can say that trend of SEO and internet marketing is increasing day by day
  4. SEO is a simple technique to learn. It has not any hard and rigid rule or syntax like other programming languages. Everyone can learn SEO process even if he fails to learn hard techniques of programming languages.
  5. SEO is only first marketing technique where you can earn from your home also. There are many guys who are earning from their homes with blog writing or working as free launcher SEO executive.

Every one while changing his career wants to know the answer to few questions like.

1. Is SEO a recognized career?

2. Skills needed as SEO.

3. Things to do for growth in SEO

4. SEO salaries in India

5. Can I work as freelancing SEO professional?

There are many Questions but Answer is only one “yes”.

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