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In this article we are discussing some SEO FAQ asked by many people.


Question 1 : What is SEO?

Answer : SEO is a process (art and science) of improving organic search results.

Question  2  :  Why should I do SEO marketing?

Answer : SEO marketing is required by all companies to boost search results. Boosted results can increase number of visitors of website.

Question  3 : What is the process of SEO?

Answer : We can do both on page and off page seo.both have their importance in SEO.On page means change of content/meta tags of website. Off-page means boosting website without making any change in website.

SEO process

Question 4 : What is robots file?

Answer : ROBOTS Text file contains information’s for search engines to index or not to index, follow or not to follow any page, directory or entire website.

Question 5 : Are Backlinks helpful?

Answer : backlinks are still very helpful but poor quality back links can ban your visibility in search results.

SEO Quality Backlinks

Question 6 : How many back links are sufficient for website?

Answer : There is no fixed rule for this .but submits your site to only high PR quality website .do not buys back links.

Question 7 : What are Google webmaster tools?

Answer  : GWT is free online tool for website research.

Question  8  : Which sitemap is better XML or HTML?

Answer : XML sitemap is for search engine/crawlers etc while HTML sitemap is for visitors.

site map seo

Question 9 :  Is page rank is important?

Answer- PR is important but low PR site may have good results then high PR website.

Question 10 : Is social media is helpful?

Answer :  Social media is very helpful to gain more visitors of website.

Question 11 : Is SEO has scope as carrier?

Answer : Today era is internet marketing era you can earn good through online marketing or digital marketing.

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