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SEO secrets for BLOGGERS.

Every BLOGGER has only one target and that is to increase traffic of website. For this purpose BLOGGER continue regular posting to his BLOG. Here we are sharing few SEO tricks and secrets for BLOGGERS. These tricks are very simple to implement. by using these very few steps you can get more traffic for your website.

Know about search engine:-instead of bulk posting think what search engine do for your posts and what impression you are getting per post. Do you know that 40% clicks are placed for first position? Second position gets approx 20% of clicks and third position gets approx 10% clicks. So it is very important thing that write less but very meaningful and impressive instead of bulk posting

This will regulate bounce rate of website. By knowing search terms you can get maximum clicks. A few years ago, it was very easy to get more traffic by posting few posts on Google, but now these days Google also shows search results for

  •  Twitters
  • Videos
  • Location based searches
  • Images
  • PPT slides
  • Face book posts
  • Personalized results etc

So it is very important to be on number 1 rank instead of bulk post .so I again repeat this golden statement that “write less but meaningful”

After panda update, my friends’ website of health care went from 3000+visitors per day to only 300 a day overnight after this update

So by writing reference of friend website I want to state that these days’ poor quality back links are more harmful than No any back links and other problem in my friend website was low quality content. So always keep these both things in mind if you want to earn money through BLOGGING


  1. Low quality back links
  2. Low quality contents

Because these day GOOGLE needs quality text information instead of low quality copy paste data or information of no use.


Ok lets discuss about main tips and secrets that should BLOGGER keep in mind while BLOGGING.

1) Use of social media: – These days new major indication of trust is your presence in social media. These days it is very important of people’s engagement in your posts and updates

For this purpose, you can continue with face book and twitter integration with your BLOG. Use face book and twitters as a source of very quality back links to your website. If a new post on face book gets zero links and shares, it means you have low chance to win. A post that gets 10000 tweets and more face book links and share s means peoples are ready to view your post. It also indicates that your post gets good faith in people. The social media shares are almost like a focus group for Google ranking.

A golden rule for this point is never integrating twitters with face book. Use separate posts for twitter and separate posts for face book.


2) Back links still matter: – I again repeat my words that bad quality back link are harmful for the website so never post your website link to other web sites .These days back links still matters but even a single low grade back link can ban your visibility to Google or other search engines but don’t buy back links or build low quality back link by unethical way. Because Google hates bulk buying back links. Bulk back links means high pr structure website. But after panda updates everyone thinks twice while generating low quality back links.

Golden rules: – low grade back links are harmful. Never buy back links, try to generate back links by ethical ways.

3)  Control bounce rate: – High bounce rate means your webpage is not sufficient to satisfy needs of visitors. Bounce rates is very big indication these days

If you have a post that cause bounce rate to your website remove   that page or improve content of your website .as early as possible reduce bounce rate of your website either by improving content  of website or by removing  low grade post from your blog.

If you have a lots of traffic coming from Google search you will usually have high bounce rate because the people who arrive are really those who are looking for one thing .Referrals from related sites typically have low bounce rate.

Your bounce rate should be below 50%  . 10 %  to  30 % bounce rate is very good indication for your website.

You can try following things to control bounce rate.


  1. Use light theme
  2. Check load time of your website
  3. Check mobile view of your website
  4. Check high bounce rate posts
  5. Use Google fonts and Google recommendation for increasing speed of website


Golden rule:- Try to maintain bounce rate below 40%



4 )Original content –content is king these days, never copy paste content from other website highlighting with colors and bold letters etc .create blog attractive. Highlight main points to maintain interest of visitors try to write first part is like entrances of your home you have only 7 seconds to impress your visitors if you are fail to impress your visitors within 7 seconds. You will lose the game, so always content with very attractive from starting paragraph.

Golden rule is to highlight main point to attract visitors on your website.


5 ) Returning visitors means safety


Even if your content is of low grade even then you have returning visitors that means you are safe in the game of SEO. You can attract visitors to open your website regularly by opening your website again and again. Many returning visitors will make your trust level high


Golden rule-engage more people and encourage them to visit your website again and again


Summary you can boost your website by making it ready for multi platform



We have learned in this lesson.


  1. Control bounce rate
  2. Quality back links only
  3. Use of face book and twitters
  4. Content is king
  5. Returning visitors means your BLOG is safe
  6. Check speed test of your BLOG
  7. Regular update with quality content
  8. Make your BLOG responsive
  9. Make your BLOG responsive (mobile ready)


Hope this post will be beneficial for you to increase visitors of website



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