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SEO Services Jalandhar :-
EPSinfotech are best SEO providers at very affordable rates, Contact us so that we can guide you in better way.

What is SEO:-
SEO is Search Engine Optimization. There are Billons of users of internet. Everyone searches in his/her own words. No one knows other company by name. For example if some one wants “ SEO Services in Jalandhar” then he/she will use his search like this.

– “ SEO Services in Jalandhar”
– “ Best SEO Service provider in Jalandhar”
– “ Jalandhar SEO Services”
– “ SEO Experts in Jalandhar”
– “ SEO Consultant in Jalandhar etc”.

If you find any Name i.e. at top results then it means search engine is able to find our site address on internet. This process of increasing, Ranking/visibility is known as search engine optimization process.

What is included in SEO Process:-
There are basically three types of SEO

1 On page SEO

2 Off Page SEO

3 Social Media Promotion

On Page SEO:-
On Page SEO means to change some matter by focusing your keywords in your website. These are basic key concepts of on page SEO:-

1 Meta tags

2 Keyword Research

3 Keyword Density

4 H1, H2 tags

5 Internal Structure of Website

6 SEO Friendly URL

7 Cross linking

8 Alt Tags

Off Page SEO Contents:-
Off Page SEO means to Promote Website by Off Page Concepts like

1 Directory Submission

2 Article Submission

3 Blog Writing

4 Picture Sharing

5 Video Promotion

6 PPT Submission

7 Documents Sharing

8 Book Marking

9 You Tube Channel Creation

Social Media Promotion:-
In today’s era social Media like Face book, Twitter plays vital role in Internet Marketing. There are a lot of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc

Is Ranking Guaranteed:- .
No, No Body can provide gurantee in SEO process because it all depends on many factors, as per Google Guidelines, No body can provide Guarantee for SEO works. So don’t Trust on these service providers who make false commitment to make money by filthy ways. Only trust your SEO provider by his previous results.

Is SEO Process Illegal:-
No, SEO process is 100% legal except spamming, SEO of adult content or using Black hat SEO Techniques we provide 100% ethical SEO services for your website promotion. We believe in improving customer relations by guiding them by best of our knowledge.

We don’t provide SEO techniques ban your visibility permanently on internet.

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