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What is SEO?

SEO means to optimize search result by on page and off page activities?These days there are more than 200 factors that affect SEO process. Major factors are:-

  • Domain Age
  • Content of Website
  • Server speed and Website Speed
  • Social Media Presence
  • Responsive Layout (Mobile Ready )
  • Bounce Rate and CTR of website
  • Direct Visitors to website / Returning visitors / Unique visitors
  • Time Spend on website by visitors / Daily Pageviews per Visitor
  • Brand Name of business

What can we do for you?

We will try to improve CTR and control Bonce Rate of website, that will help to attract more targeted customers by improving content of website, Improve speed of website (if possible for us other wise we will recommend you to at your end  ) , Onpage SEO , Building Links , XML Sitemap Creation ,Modify URL Structure of website , Meta Tagging ,  Cross linking of website , Header and footer optimization , Landing Page Optimization,  Article and Video Submission , Image Sharing , Classified Submissions , Optimize robots file , Optimize H1, h2 Tags, Image optimization , Favicon Generation ,   Submit website to various search engines , follow all standard (Panda and Penguin ) safe SEO Rules and social media marketing (Facebook , Youtube, Pintrest , Google Plus etc).


Is SEO process Guaranteed ?-

SEO process is not Guaranteed process It depends on the various factors as discussed above.

How many keywords you would provide:-

This is the very general question asked by our clients that how many keywords will be provided by us. We will try to optimize all major and minor keywords provided by you. Generally, 10 major keywords are sufficient for any business Rest are the combination of various other words. For example, our major keywords are.


But as we all know that to optimize the combination of two keywords or to optimize single keywords is much difficult process than working on three phase or four phase keywords.So there will be many keywords that will be driven by these keywords. E.g


These are basic examples of SEO services with combination of some other keywords like best affordable company, Jalandhar Punjab etc

In brief, we can say that try to optimize your ranking on internet

Will you use black hat SEO techniques

As you all know that black hat SEO technique such as over on page optimization or link building etc, can boost your online presence.But it is a very risky process. we never recommend this process to anyone in real life, because by black hat SEO technique even a single wrong step can remove your website from search results permanently, so we can use these techniques on special request by our client.


As you know in these days old SEO techniques are not useful, These techniques are good for nothing for the promotion of a website.So will never use these old techniques which are not good for promotion.In short, we can say that we will work on your website with honesty

Old techniques Which are not useful(Not Recommended ) Latest techniques still beneficial(Recommended)
Bookmarking On-Page optimization
Directory submission Social Media Marketing
Article sharing, image sharing Video promotion
Link building Audit of website
Hidden tags Blog maintenance
Cloaking Local optimization
keywords stacking and keyword stuffing Classified marketing
Unrelated keywords
Tiny Text, Hidden Text and
hidden links:
Mirror site or duplicate content:
Spamming, blog spamming or splogs:
Blog spam or comment spam
Pingback spam or spam ping or spin:
Link forms
Domain squatting or cyber
Throw away domains
Paid links
Fake news
Multiple subdomains
Doorway pages
Google bowling

We have our own method to promote any website as our past results

are extraordinary good. we know what is good or bad for your website. So we never recommend you any wrong method or technique


This is a major factor that can affect your online presence.This is the most efficient way to boost any website.We will use latest recommended guidelines by Google to optimize any website.

In this on page technique, we will do following aspects

  • Meta tag optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Cross-linking
  • Header optimization
  • Footer optimization
  • SEO friendly URL
  • Link optimization
  • Text optimization

Complete Details of Onpage / Offpage SEO Process

Video promotion:– During these days video promotion is very useful for branding and improving your online presence. We will promote you at least 5 videos.

Social media promotion:- we will build social engagement on your page. This will be so major factor for online promotion after on page optimization.

Blog maintenance:- we will maintain your blog and make regular posting on your behalf to increase your online presence

Local listing:-this is also a major factor that is very helpful for branding at the local level. we will do all necessary steps for local optimization

Audit of the website:-This is a very very important factor that can help you to increase your online presence.In this process, we will give you the recommendation to increase website speed by various tests like waterfall test, etc.

How to check speed of website

Price:– This all depends on your budget what you want from us.So it is requested to you, for best free SEO advice contact us.So that we can guide you with best of our knowledge and skills

Summary:-Main idea behind this post is that we want to aware you with best SEO techniques.because we know that SEO is not quantitative process it is a qualitative process.We know that even a single mistake or wrong step can remove your online presence permanently.

Special Note: Keyword positioning is not guaranteed.  We never make false commitments at the initial stage of making our profits. we always keep faith in long-term relations.  we will try to promote your website with best of our knowledge and skills


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