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If you are not optimizing your blog post then it means you are missing something. Optimize blog post that has more probability to get good rank in keywords. Many bloggers don’t know SEO tips. Here we are sharing simple SEO tips for bloggers to get good traffic per post.

Why Do SEO for each blog post: As we all know that Google, Yahoo, Bing etc are search engines and these search engines give weight to your blog post according to some factors. If you know these tricks of optimization then you can get more traffic than any other activities. So make sure that all of your blog posts are optimized for all search engines.

Here we are sharing some SEO tips for bloggers

  1. Always think carefully about your title of post
  2. Write the complete description of a post in short words. Ideal length of description meta tags is 130 to 160 words
  3. Never copy the content of anyone.
  4. Always write relevant content.
  5. Ensure that you have added fresh content to the website.
  6. Build links naturally through sharing resources etc.
  7. Consider your keywords density.
  8. Start blogging with research keywords.
  9. Avoid top words in your blog posts
  10. Avoid spelling mistakes
  11. ‘BUILD well as guidelines by major search engines like Google.
  12. Optimize image by alternate text(alt tag)
  13. Categorizing and tagging help to increase traffic to the website.
  14. Do not tag more than 6 per post

Hope these tips will help you to increase website traffic.Prefer to use these techniques to make your blog popular as well as Seo friendly.

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