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Do you want to increase the activity of your website without moving to costly hosting packages or changing the current theme of the website? You can do it without technical or deep knowledge. We here are sharing some tips and tricks that will be helpful for you to increase the speed of your website:-

1. Lossless compression of images– There are many online tools that can compress your images without losing the quality of images. By this technique, you can reduce up to 86% of the size of an image and that will help to reduce the loading time of WebPages and free services for lossless compression.

2. Use of divisions– you can use divisions of HTML code for best and reduce loading time.

3. Removing comments-you can remove comments from HTML, CSS or java scripts to reduce the size of WebPages and increasing loading time.

4. Avoid inline CSS– Do not use inline CSS or multiple CSS files for your website.

5. CSS sprites– you can use CSS sprites to combine images and this will reduce pinging server. This technique will also be helpful to improve your website’s speed.

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