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Once you write the article it’s very important for you to give the appropriate and relevant title to that articles. Because the title is very important for SEO purpose. The good and attractive title can increase your SERP of a webpage. So whenever you write a post or articles decide carefully what will be the best and optimum title for the post. Always keep in mind that article should.


  • Contain keywords
  • Attractive words
  • According to keywords density of post
  • Length
  • Special character
  1. Contain keywords– Your title meta tag should contain keywords of that post. So write meta tag title carefully .we have to write the title within 60 characters including space. So title tag is very important for SEO purpose. Because every spider first read title tag of a post and give weight according to words of a title tag. Secondly, it effects indirectly because the title tag affects SERP of your page or post.
  2. Attractive words:-Always write attractive words in title tag because it will affect CTR (click through rate) of your articles or post.So it is very important to maintain higher CTR through attractive words. Attractive words in the title can increase up to 50% visibility on the internet.
  3. Title according to keyword density– Now you have two choices first is that you have to increase keyword density of post or write title keywords density of post or write title according to keyword density e.g. if you are writing a articles on “SEO Tutorials” then you have to write post which contains keywords density of “SEO tutorials” between 2% to 4% of articles or you have to change keywords and title of that post or article.
  4. Length:- Length of the title tag is also a very important. The idle length of a title tag is 50 to 60 character including space. If you write less than 50 characters .crawlers can not index your article properly. if you write lengthy title crawlers it will trim the length of articles.
  5. Special character: – Avoid special character in the title tag. Also, avoid title generated by javascript such as date or time or marques/scroll of text in the title tag.

Conclusion:-Title tag is very important for seo ranking because only title tag is responsible for maintaining CTR and SERP of post.


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