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As we all know that search engines update their search algorithm to improve search results. In this era content is king .no one can deny this. But if we write only for users and for search engines do you think we can do best SEO technique.


We are BLOGGERS we can optimize our post by proper Meta tagging, image optimization, keyword stuffing etc. here we are sharing best 21 SEO tips and tricks which can be very useful for BLOGGERS and website owners


These tips and tricks are not ordinary, these tricks can generate huge traffic to your website or BLOG.These 21 SEO tips and tricks are based on our experience and research.

  1. Keyword strategy:-This is first and basic thing to do the .in initial stage of SEO don’t target hard keywords. You can choose keywords with a combination of other words by attaching with them. You can use suffix and prefix with keywords to make them identical and low competition keywords.
  2. Potential keywords: – Second step is lest all potential keywords and tries to improve the situation of these keywords, you can use Google webmaster tool for this purpose.
  3. Competition of keywords:-Check competition level of keywords and keywords of your competitor’s .change your keywords by suffix and prefix as discussed in point no 1.
  4. Title Meta tag: – This is very important for BLOGGERS to place optimize title Meta tag for their post, this is very important only by proper title tag. you can improve traffic by 20%
  5. Duplicate content:-Remove duplicate page within your BLOG do not repeat the same post, again and again, .write you’re BLOG in very simple language so that everyone can read it without any difficulty.
  6. Description Meta tag:- Description meta tag yet they have no direct impact on search results but description meta tag can help you to improve  CTR of the website .CTR means click through rate.
  7. Perm links: – Optimize your perm links as the need for keywords by improving perm links you can improve ranking in search results.
  8. First paragraph: – Write keywords in a first and last paragraph. This part is also very important to increase search results.
  9. Content length: – Write less but meaningful optimum length of the content is 300 to 1000 words. Do not write post below 300 words.
  10. Keywords density: – Keep in mind that keyword density should between 2 to 4 % of total length of articles.
  11. Quality of content: – This is also very important same as a keyword density write less but meaningful.
  12. Image optimization: – Optimize all images by placing keywords in the alt tag of images. This will help you to improve the visibility of images.
  13. Sitemap creation: – Create XML sitemap and submit it to Google webmaster tools to improve search results and clicks.
  14. HTML sitemap: – Create HTML sitemap for website .do not create more than 100 links in single sitemap if you have more than 100 links in the single sitemap.
  15. Avoid heavy code: – Avoid heavy CSS code to decorate your website this will affect text to code (TTC) ratio.
  16. Avoid FLASH or PDF:-  avoid content in PDF or flash format, because the search engine cannot read content in form of flash or PDF files.
  17. Optimize Robots:- Optimize robots.txt file and write it properly and grant permission to search engines because without your permission search engines will not read and index your content of a website.
  18. SMO:- use effectively your social media with proper utilization of your social media you can generate more than 50% traffic to your website. Social media includes all major media like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, PINTEREST, Quora etc.
  19. Back Links: – Do not use this technique unless you are confident about the website where you are placing links to a website.
  20. Google analytics:- This can help you to determine real-time visitors, landing page, exit page, ext .optimize your content to reduce bounce rate of website
  21. Cross-linking: – inbuilt internal linking within your website. this is also very helpful for you.


Conclusion: – In this 21 SEO tips and technique we can optimize our content and improve the visibility of a website.





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