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We ( is Jalandhar based web designers providing Affordable web services to our clients. Only impressive web designer can provide you an excellent business from internet. Our web designers are expert in this matter. We can understand better and can make effective web design for you.

Design speaks itself

As other designers are not aware of this part that effective design can bring better business for you. There are separate colour combinations that can reflect your thinking. For example professionals like doctors needs combination of blue/ white or green/ white to reflect.

Why choose us

We provide an honest web services to our clients. Normally clients are not aware of other terms like web hosting, domain name, server side or client side technology, CMS, database driven websites. They have only the need of effective running website. We guide our clients very honestly about these things, because we hate earning money by dishonest Resources.

Think before to hire

If you are hiring a person or web company to manage your website always ask following question to your service provider.

  • Is this server Linux or Window Base?
  • Will you provide complete control panel of website (hosting)?
  • Will you provide control panel of domain name ( so that we can edit name servers without your permission ( designers)?
  • Will you provide Responsive web design.
  • Are you able to provide us other services after launching website
  • Will you design SEO ready?
  • Can you provide list of your satisfied clients.
  • What is upload time of your servers?

We provide complete package of web designing + hosting + Domain registration services at very effective Rates.

We will provide you complete package of web designing + hosting + domain registration at single roof. We will register domain by your name. It means that you will be the real owner of website. You will get complete hosting control panel, it means that you can edit hosting services/ site related services without our permission.

Frequently asked Questions

Q 1: If I need a website, what time will you take to built our website
Ans: Website building depends upon number of pages. Normal small websites contain in 10 – 15 web page and need 10 days approximately.

Q 2 What have I to provide at commencement of work?
Ans: You will provide complete data of your organization/ company such as images, Logo, about us information, pictures for gallery, contact us information etc. please provide above said data in original form.

Q 3 I want to edit website at my own end, can I manage web site at my own end.
Ans: Yes, you can manage your website at your end. But you need CMS for this one. Always tell us in advance what you want to edit at your end

Q 4 Will you provide us Responsive web design?
Ans: Yes. we will provide responsive web design. if you need that.

Q 5 Will my website is SEO Ready ?
Ans: Yes your website will be SEO ready. We always think for you. Do not like short cuts that can harm your search engine results.

Q 6 Will I have to pay, complete money in Advance?
Ans: No you have to pay only half money in advance. Rest after completion of project.

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