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Originally there were two kinds of search services on the web: Engines and Directories.

An index maintained by the search is called Web Directories. Web directories are hierarchical define that particular databases with references to websites.

  • The websites that are handpicked by living human beings and classified according to the rules of that particular search service. A directory basically a manual entry database system. We as the end user submitting our URL will supply the directory with all of the needed information during the submission process.
  • At a minimum, this information includes URL title and a short summary of the website. Rarely will the directory have any program capable of visiting our website, although a few directories do have a simple spider capable of verve a simple spider capable of verifying the URL we provided was a valid URL? While both classes of systems have elements in common, such as the ability to search the database, Boolean expressions, and advanced features.

The primary action lies in how the two systems obtain their data. Once does it automatically (search engines) and the other does it manually (directories).

  • There are many fantastically beautiful websites out there, which will never receive the exposure they deserve. Unlike a directory, the search engine only allows us to enter a URL for submission to their system.
  • How a search engine indexes and summarizes our web page is entirely out of our control. In response to a query, a search engine returns a ranked list of documents. If the query is broad (if it matches many documents) then the returned list is usually too long to view fully.
  • Web directories return more closer results although those results are very few in number. Using web directories there fewer chances of vocabulary mismatch as the user no need to type only need to select any item or topic from given menu.
  • People make mistakes in spelling all the time and often are unable to remember unfamiliar terms such as diseases, product codes and names in general. Web directory removes all these difficulties.
  • There are many websites available on the web that still are not able to understand how important it is to get a listing in a web directory, as most of them are still lacking the information as to how these web directories can help them to generate a strong marketing structure.
  • Most search engines are constantly catching new websites using web spiders which would be a popular web directory on the web to get new links and update the content for that directory. As web directories are a great and affordable way to promote and advertise your site. If your website will advertise by web directories then it will also lead to increase your business by increasing your customers from your website.
  • Web directories will also improve your link popularity. Everyone knows that online business needs maximum traffic. So that customers can attract to your website and can buy products from that particular company. Many directories offer paid submissions and many also offered free submission. Therefore webmasters use these directories to attract the internet traffic.
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