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Search Engine Optimization

A  great and powerful tool of the time in making your business uniquely stands among thousands of business.

Marketing has always been a powerful tool establishing your business and to make people aware of your presence in the competition. The same notion of marketing is now applied on the internet as all the market is now online.

SEO is the way to make your presence online and to rank you up on the Google Search Page Result.SEO is a very simple and interesting way to make you number one among thousands of your competitors.

For, a newbie the SEO is a very complex term. Let me explain you with a very simple example.


  • Suppose you have opened a new business of shoes. To make people aware of your presence you will go for different techniques of advertisement so that the number of visitors will increase at your shop.
  • As the visitors will increase your sale will be increased. Similarly, Nowadays, whenever someone starts his business the first need is to launch his website to make his presence online.
  • But Launching website is not enough. From that moment your struggle for sales on your website increases. We want the traffic on our website and to achieve this we have to boost up our website in the search result of search engine. Optimization means to boost up your website in the search result and bring it at the top. Here the struggle starts with an analysis of data of your traffic, how many new visitors, and how many users are recurring to your site, at what rank you are standing among your competitors in search engines.


This is the search process will include a few basic steps by the user

1. The user will open the search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
2. He will type a few words in the search bar for e.g. Leather shoes.
3. The search Result will give the relevant list of all companies who are providing the leather shoes online according to their rank in the search engine which they have attained through the dense traffic by following some right techniques.

Here starts the work of SEO, which includes the same steps for cooking the recipe of SEO.
The ingredients needed to cook this recipe are-
a) Words —the searching words mostly used by the user to do a particular search.
b) Title— Title of your webpage like a title of a book given for the relevance to reveal for what this book about.
c) Link building- Internal and External links to your website.
d) Words in Link- the right keyword used in building the links.
e) Reputation- Reputation of links provided on your website or some other who is providing your link to other people they must be genuine.
These all ingredients will be explained one by one and then finally cook the recipe for SEO.

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