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SEO Heat Map: SEO Heatmap is the best way to improve your Conversion Rate. In this Article, we will discuss SEO Heat Map and conversation Rate

Heat Map analytics means good conversion

In these articles, we will discuss what heat map is? What is the use of heat map in SEO?

What is heat map?

We are familiar with Google analytics. The heat map is (2D) graphics representation of Google analytics. It’s very easy to understand heat map instead of Google analytics. By using heatmap you can find easily clicks on the particular web page. The heat map is very useful to find the psychology of visitors. You can easily map where users are clicking most on a page. You can also find some things in Google analytics. But it will be very easy for you to trace clicking of users.

Brighter color means more clicks and darkens area means no clicks on the heat map.


How to increase conversion rate?

Heat analytics is the best way to increase the conversion rate of a website. By heat analysis, you can find area easily where users are clicking more than you can change design layout according to the convenience of visitors to increase conversion rate.

Many websites have good design but have low conversion rate because of bad navigation system. The ugly navigation is main cause of low conversion rate. I am sure by changing layout according to visitors clicks you can receive more conversion and more conversion means more revenue.

Conclusion :- Heatmaps are very benifitted for our website, we can get a lot of information which would help us to make important changes in our wedbsite to get  a lot of traffic as well as a lot of revenue from our website.

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