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SEO Quake is a free plugin available for your browser. It provides organic research data at one click. Now is compatible with GOOGLE CHROME, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Along with Organic research data, SEO Quake provides other useful tools including an :

1.SEO Audit

2. Keyword Density

3.Internal/External Links

4.Social Metrics

Many people find the information regarding competitive by analyzing of SERP and want to know who is a lie in the ranking where? You also analyze the particular keyword search data and according to that landing page.

Here is where SEO Quake plugin comes in! This is the free plugin allows you to see metrics for domains and landing pages including Google index, Alexa Rank, SEMRush ranking data, Facebook likes, much more.

SEO Quake gives you quick and easy access to analytics data on any web page. By using SEO Bar, You can navigate to any landing page and receive analytical data specific to that landing page at the click of a button.

SEO Quake terms include:

1.SEO Bar: The bar that appears on each landing page. It will provide a parameter for whatever page you are currently analyzing.

2. SERP Overlay: The tools that appear on Search Engine (including bar near each result, sort controls, language settings and all other buttons ). This will be the bar that will provide the parameter for each SERP Result.

3. SEO Panel: This will show as a popup after clicking the SEO Quake button in the toolbar of your browser. This will display the information regarding the page you are now currently visiting.

4. SEO Parameter: The metrics provided by SEO Quake. Each parameter is possible metric. SEO Quake is able to provide you with data for some of the  page data and metrics it shows:

a) Google Index

b) SEMRush

c) Alexa Rank

d) Web Archive age

5. Page SEO Audit: Have you ever wanted to find out exactly what is wrong with the content of your website? Maybe you see your web page looks okay. But what about, what is going on in the background? SEO Quake can help you with finding this information as well! Start by going to any given landing page. When you find the page then you analyze it, by click the SEO Quake icon and choose “Diagnosis ” tab with the pop-up. Then open up a new tab with a “Diagnosis” of the page you were on.

The diagnosis will be broken into three sections:

  1.  Page Analysis
  2.  Mobile Compliance
  3.  Site Compliance

6. keyword Density: Page diagnosis report also work with “Keyword Density” report. “Density tab” will display all the keywords mentioned on the given landing page. It will be sorted by “Reports” in descending order, the most mentioned keyword listed in “Keywords” tab within this chart. The “Found In” column will be displayed where the keyword is found on the landing page. The “Density” column display how much of the total words does the individual keyword represent. The “Prominence” column will list the importance of individual keyword on the given landing page.

7.Internal and External Links: This report will list all of the links present on the given landing page. This will list each link, the anchor text associated with the link as well as parameters for these links. You can see “Refresh Button” by clicking it you can receive the metrics under each parameter. You can see “Request all parameters” button which is displayed in the top left of this report. If you see any link is repeated in this, then you can hide it by click on “ADD/HIDE Parameters ” buttons which are listed in the top left along the option to Save As CSV.

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