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What is speed test of website

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What is the speed test of website?

Speed test of website means loading time of website into browser. There are many tools to check the speed of website is slow ,  such as ‘yslow’ (by yahoo), Google inside speed test etc, pingdom tools. Generally there are many things that a web developer forgets at the time of development like combining images through css (image sprites).minimizing CSS, Java script etc.
Generally what we do to your website:

  • Image sprites (combining images).
  • Minimization of Js and CSS delivery.
  • Minifying html.
  • Loss Less compression of image.
  • Cache header control.
  • Placing java script at the bottom.
  • Deferred parsing of javascript.
  • Enabling browser cache..
  • Minimize http requests
  • Specify image dimensions.
  • Enable GZip compression.
  • Remove query string from static resource.
  • Inline small java script.
  • Avoiding bad requests.
  • Avoiding landing page redirects.

Please note that these all depends upon coding and hosting server ( we never grantee to pass / follow all these rules , but try our best efforts to increase speed of website )

What is the waterfall test?

Basically waterfall test means speed test of website. waterfall model is a sequential design process used in development of website in which process is seen as following steadily downwards(like a waterfall) through the phases of conception initiation ,analysis, design construction, testing production/implementation and maintenance.

Generally overview of “waterfall model” (cyclic process).

1. Required gathering and analysis.
2. System design.
3. Implementation.
4. Testing.
5. Deployment of system.
6. Maintenance ( Go to point no 1 again).

How to check speed of website

Step 1:
Step 2: enter your website here


Step 3 : analysis various factors


Other Test by Google

open :

Step 2: enter your URL


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