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After B-TECH in computers, many students have not sufficient knowledge to get good jobs. So they want to train themselves by way of different training patterns like on the job training or industrial training etc.

But only a few of them got success after very hard work. We have a solution for you. You can go for internet marketing / SEO training.

SEO training in Punjab is very easy and many B.TECH students have already adopted it as their career. So if you are serious about your professions after B-TECH and still you think that you do not have enough knowledge of programming languages then you can choose SEO as a profession. In many ways, SEO experts can earn huge amount instead of only one way.

SEO professionals are always in demand.There are number of options that any expert can do

  1. As SEO expert
  2. As blogger
  3. As SEO professional
  4. As digital marketing consultant
  5. Social media promoters

There are many other ways by which SEO professional can earn more money than any other programmer or developer. So we always advice to our students to concentrate on digital marketing, because digital marketing is the base and future of internet.

Internet marketing and doing a good seo job is the best way with which a btech degree holder can earn a handsome amount of money name and fame . Seo expertise and digital marketing is good option.

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